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Término tópico:
used for/see from:
Nuevo realismo
Realismo artificial
Realismo post-pop
Realismo radical
see also:
Arte moderno Siglo XX (Broader heading)
Pintura de fotografías (Broader heading)
Arte pop (Broader heading)
Realismo en el arte (Broader heading)
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Término tópico:
used for/see from:
see also:
Empirismo (Broader heading)
Filosofía (Broader heading)
Universales (Filosofía) (Broader heading)
Banalidad (Filosofía) (Narrower heading)
Realismo constructivo (Narrower heading)
Realismo crítico (Narrower heading)
Realismo moral (Narrower heading)
Pragmatismo (Narrower heading)
Details Término tópico 5 biblios
Término tópico:
Realismo crítico
used for/see from:
Critical realism
see also:
Filosofía moderna (Broader heading)
Realismo (Broader heading)
Details Término tópico 2 biblios
Término tópico:
Realismo en el cine
used for/see from:
Realismo en la cinematografía
Realismo en las películas
Realism in moving-pictures (Earlier heading)
Realism in motion pictures
see also:
Cine (Broader heading)
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