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Término tópico:
Mecánica ondulatoria
used for/see from:
Mecánica de las ondas
Mecánica de ondas
Ondas, Mecánica de las
see also:
Electrodynamics (Broader heading)
Mechanics (Broader heading)
Molecular dynamics (Broader heading)
Quantum theory (Broader heading)
Waves (Broader heading)
Atomic orbitals (Narrower heading)
Brillouin zones (Narrower heading)
Channeling (Physics) (Narrower heading)
Coulomb functions (Narrower heading)
Energy-band theory of solids (Narrower heading)
Molecular orbitals (Narrower heading)
Schrödinger equation (Narrower heading)
Spinor analysis (Narrower heading)
Wave functions (Narrower heading)
Wave-particle duality (Narrower heading)
Weber functions (Narrower heading)
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