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Término tópico:
Matrices (Matemáticas)
used for/see from:
Matrices (Algebra)
Algebra de matrices
Algebra matricial
see also:
Álgebra abstracta (Broader heading)
Álgebra universal (Broader heading)
Álgebra de Racah (Narrower heading)
Análisis multivariante (Narrower heading)
Anillos de matrices (Narrower heading)
Cociente de Rayleigh (Narrower heading)
Derivadas matriciales (Narrower heading)
Desigualdades matriciales (Narrower heading)
Diagramas de Feynman (Narrower heading)
Eigenvectores (Narrower heading)
Grupos de matrices (Narrower heading)
Grupos modulares (Narrower heading)
Haces de matrices (Narrower heading)
Inversión de matrices (Narrower heading)
Jacobianos (Narrower heading)
Matrices aleatorias (Narrower heading)
Matrices catalecticant (Narrower heading)
Matrices complejas (Narrower heading)
Matrices de dispersión (Narrower heading)
Matrices de Hadamard (Narrower heading)
Matrices de proximidad (Narrower heading)
Matrices de Toeplitz (Narrower heading)
Matrices estocásticas (Narrower heading)
Matrices infinitas (Narrower heading)
Matrices no negativas (Narrower heading)
Matrices no simétricas (Narrower heading)
Matrices R (Narrower heading)
Matrices simétricas (Narrower heading)
Matriz de Jordan (Narrower heading)
Matriz T (Narrower heading)
Método de Jacobi (Narrower heading)
Permanentes (Matrices) (Narrower heading)
Polinomios zonales (Narrower heading)
Productos de Kronecker (Narrower heading)
Programación lineal (Narrower heading)
Resolvente de un operador (Narrower heading)
Teorema de Cayley-Hamilton (Narrower heading)
Valores propios (Narrower heading)
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