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Término tópico:
Contadores nucleares
used for/see from:
Detectores nucleares
Detectores de radiación nuclear
Contadores de radiación
see also:
Detectors (Broader heading)
Nuclear physics (Broader heading)
Radioactivity Instruments (Broader heading)
Cherenkov counters (Narrower heading)
Coincidence circuits (Narrower heading)
Cold cathode tubes (Narrower heading)
Drift chambers (Narrower heading)
Gamma ray detectors (Narrower heading)
Geiger-M uller counters (Narrower heading)
Neutron counters (Narrower heading)
Nuclear emulsions (Narrower heading)
Nuclear track detectors (Narrower heading)
Photon detectors (Narrower heading)
Proportional counters (Narrower heading)
Pulse height analyzers (Narrower heading)
Radiation dosimetry (Narrower heading)
Scintillation counters (Narrower heading)
Semiconductor nuclear counters (Narrower heading)
Vertex detectors (Narrower heading)
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